We produce handcrafted boutique style probiotic drinks using water kefir cultures.

Water kefir is a symbiotic culture of healthy bacteria and yeasts held in a polysaccharide matrix. This hard working amazing culture consumes sugar to produce a fermented beverage teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria as well as being an excellent source of enzymes, organic acids, a range of B vitamins, vitamin K and folic acid.

Consuming beverages made from water kefir is an excellent way to get your probiotics naturally and without the need for dairy products. Probiotics help bring balance to your internal microflora which can contribute to a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation and help with digestion of food and micronutrients.

Think of it as “yoghurt on steroids”.

No wonder kefir means ‘feel good’ in Turkish.

There is nothing artificial and no preservatives added to our products.  They need to be kept in the fridge as kefir becomes active at warmer temperatures and the drinks will become over carbonated.  After bottling, our Ginger Beer is best consumed within 9 weeks, Mint Lemonade 26 weeks, Lemon Lime and Bitters and our Organic range 8 weeks, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry and Vanilla, Pear Cider and Coconut Water Kefir approximately 5 weeks.  After this time, the products are still acceptable to drink but may be more carbonated.  We recommend consuming within 3-5 days from opening.


Our range includes:

Organic Cold Brew Coffee: we use an organic fair trade coffee that is roasted by the lovely people at Maleny Coffee and it is added to our kefir to produce an absolute favourite.  Cold drip probiotic sparkling coffee.  Sensational.

Organic Ginger and Turmeric: low sugar organic ginger with fresh cold pressed turmeric.  An ultra healthy tasty beverage.

Organic Green Tea and Super Leaves: using fresh organic kale, spinach, baby beetroot leaves, broccoli and mint all cold pressed and mixed with organic green tea for an ultra healthy kefir concoction.

Organic Superberries: blueberries, black currants and raspberries are cold pressed to create a delicious and surprisingly not sweet thirst quenching beverage.

Ginger Beer: slightly sweet, a bit spicy with a refreshing ginger kick.

Lemon Lime and Bitters: zesty and tangy, the absolute refreshment.

Mint Lemonade: fresh lemon squeezed into our kefir culture with fresh mint.  Divinely refreshing for a summers day.

Raspberry Lemonade : Lovely fresh raspberries with   freshly squeezed lemon.

Strawberry and Vanilla Cider: the gentle tart taste of strawberries with the smooth sweetness of the vanilla bean.

Pear Cider: with the delicate fresh taste of pear.

Organic Coconut Water Kefir: combining the healthy benefits of pure coconut water with a powerful punch of probiotics.

We offer these products in 425ml cups, 330ml and 750ml glass bottles at local farmer's markets and local stores. Follow us on Facebook at Old Cossack Drinks Co to find out where we will next be. 

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