About Us

   Local Brewing   

Darren and I have always had an interest in healthy living and particularly in more recent years, in regards to gut health.


New research is only beginning to understand just how important a healthy gut microflora is to our overall health.  It seems having a diverse range of beneficial bacteria is key to helping contribute to a healthy digestive and immune system, reducing inflammation, maintaining a healthy weight and helping to regulate our mood, appetite and general well-being.


We discovered Water Kefir culture many years ago and immediately loved for its many health benefits, delicious flavour, versatility and overall awesomeness.


We began producing and selling our Ginger Beer Water Kefir in January 2014 and have since developed a range of products all based on the water kefir culture.

All our products are handmade by us in small batches. We source locally grown fresh produce – mostly through local farmers we know from farmers markets in our area.


Each flavour is individually handcrafted – from the initial ferment through to the bottling stage. There are no large batches and no bulk-brewing for multiple flavours. We brew for maximum flavour and nutrition.


One of the many things we have learnt from chatting to our many customers at our local farmers markets as well as retail stores is just how different everyone’s tastes are!

Some people like spicy, some tart, some slightly sweet and some a bit of everything. When people ask us which is the “best flavour”, it’s a difficult question to answer as our flavours can differ quite a lot.  We brew for a range of personal tastes – some with the natural sweetness of berries, some with a ginger kick, a lemony tartness or even a delicious energizing coffee hit.


Try our range, you are bound to find at least one you love!